Two foreign artists have been selected for Derida Dance Center Residency Program so far. The selection process continues...


Derida Dance Center team has selected two foreign artists and is currently in a process of selecting more artistic teams who will do their residencies in the dance center this autumn. Min Li from China and Lindsey Derry from the U.S. will be here in October and November. They both presented very interesting project conceps which realization the lovers of contemporary dance in Sofia will be able to see at the end of their stay.

Lindsey Derry

The American choreographer Lindsey Derry will  focus her work on the topic of challenging vitality through taking risks. "Risks can be terrifying yet invigorating and they are often the bridge from restriction to freedom where vitality is tested. Taking a risk can be similar to fulfilling a dare, both require willingness. It's this willingness, this moment of yes, which I will incorporate into the creation and performance.

Min Li 1

The main theme of Min Li's choreography will be the identity, the change of perceptions and adaptations that a personality makes as a reaction to its life in the virtual world of social networks. "We are in the paradox of looking confident, but empty and insecure inside, we care less about inner beauty, more about the appearance. We get to know each other more and more through the profile of the pictures instead of meeting the real person and have deep conversations." This observation and analysis of his Min Li says is among the provocations for the project.

Parallel to their work on author projects, Min and Lindsey will lead week-long workshops with the participants of Dance PORT Derida educational and training program.

At the moment Derida Dance Center team proceeds with the process of selection for the resiency program with the desire to provide opportunities for more foreign artists to come to Bulgaria and produce their ideas here.

Derida Dance Center residency program is being realized as part of The Calendar of Cultural Events of Sofia Municipality for 2015.

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