Residency program 2016

PM Excitements 3

Петя Мукова - "Excitements"

The first residency in Derida Dance Center for 2016 is of Petia Mukova’s project “Excitements”. This is her second appearance as a choreographer after “Graviton” that was a part of Ttrizavisim Project 2015 of The Guild for Contemporary Performing Arts (part of the Union of Bulgarian Actors)  and Cultural Foundation A25. The concept of “Excitements” is through the means of dance to find an expression of conditions in which a man faces psychological challenges and needs to overcome their impact on him.
The approach to the idea is the following of the protagonist’s excitements through the eyes of a witness, who despite of his indirect interaction with the protagonist, becomes an emotional motivator of the narrative. The performers are Alexandrina Dimitrova, Maria Veleva, Frank Mugisha, Ana Petkova and Stanka Angelova – participants in the educational and training program Dance PORT Derida 2015.

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 TriZavisim 2016


“Mainstream” – a performance that deals with foam and vortex of living, our wander and our aspiration towards what constantly remains beyond…
Concept and Choreography: Marion Darova
Music: Ivan Shopov (Balkansky/ Cooh)
Visual environment: Polina Stoyanova (joiyaa)-
Performers: Boris Georgiev, Hristo Ushev, Ina Gerginova


HandMade pic 3 re

“HandMade”- a performative installation, exploring trajectory, dynamic and content in various daily actions.
Idea, Video, Multimedia: Polina Stoyanova (Jo Iyaa)
Music: Alexander Daniel
Live Performance: Katya Georgieva (Golden Hands), Kalina Pavlova


 MRR4540 Monologue re

“Monologue“ - this duet is an architectonic contemporary dance piece executed in a location set as an installation – a piece representing a paradoxical world and the eventual rebuilding of a new better place.
Concept, Choreography, Scenography, Costumes and Light design: Svetlin Velchev
Artistic consultant: Barbara Krulik
Sound: Random Inc.
Performers: Stanislav Genadiev and Violeta Vitanova

 Marta Ladjanski and Zsolt Varga

Marta ws 6

Márta Ladjánszki is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, artistic vice president of L1 Association since the beginning (2002). Zsolt Varga is a musician, composer, multiinstrumentalist, sound and movement artist from Budapest, Hungary and director of L1 Association since 2011. Marta and Zsolt’s residency in Derida Dance Center in April 2016 included a presentation of their performance LetMeC as well as a workshop with the Dance PORT Derida participants in which they shared part of their experience. Parallel to their residency, the artists exhibited the portrait series of L1-members made by Roland Szabo (SK/H). More about L1 Association: http://l1.hu/en



Luis residency photo

Luis Marrafa

In June 2016 Luis Marrafa worked with the Bulgarian performers Petia Mukova and Mariya Veleva on his newest project. It explores the issue whether and how the contact between two different and opposing energies happen. According to Luis, a desire for communication is rooted in each movement.

As a dancer, choreographer and composer Luis is interested in the impact of the environment, the experience and the interaction between the various cultures. More about him and his company: http://www.marrafa.com/marrafa/MARRAFA_vzw.html



Alexander Hadzhiev and Sara Bizzoca - "Black carol"

Black Carol 2

Coming from different fields of art, the choreographer Sara Bizzoca and the musician Alexandar Hadjiev are trying to create a new type of collaboration with the goal of creating a contemporary music/dance theatre-installation. The inspiration for this work "BLACK CAROL" will be Dimcho Debeljanov's poetry, simple and direct at the same time as being somewhat cynical. A window on the disillusioned and melancholy world of this Symbolist poet. Through the performers’ bodies we can feel the deep humanity, the irony, the extreme delicacy and the universal truth of his poetry, creating a theatrical and musical world that enhances the power of communication and expression.
The project is supported by the program "Culture" of the Sofia Municipality and is part of the residence programm of Derida Dance Center 2016

With: Petia Mukova, Stephanie Hadnzhiiska, Yanita Kirova, Mariya Veleva

 Stanislav Genadiev and Violeta Vitanova - "Replication"

Replication 1

“Replication” by Stanislav Genadiev and Violeta Vitanova is a research on the connection between the copy and the original. The bodies communicate through their kinetic intelligence. They evolve not because they come from the past, but because they emerge from the future. The influential music resembling natural sounds, adds to the poetic picture with cosmic projections.


“Seriousity”  - Stephanie Handjiiska and Vladimir Gruev

“Seriousity” is a dance exploration of the degree of seriousness that we put into artwork, everyday activities and our own vision of ourselves. The piece challenges our perception of what is serious and how seriousness affects the final effect the artwork has on the audience. In the piece the two performers will pass through different stages of seriousness about their dancing. We would like to explore the connection between the quality of the work and the amount of seriousness engaged into it.
The two creators of the piece Vladimir Gruev and Stephanie Handjiiska are dancers from different background and by so understand dance and stage on a totally different basis. Their dance collaboration challenges their mutual understanding of choreography and life.

rsz seriousity



"A body is it's own universe, a microcosmos. Each life story is edged into the face of a person, is imprinted deep into the flesh of the body, the corporeal driving car for life. We will not illustrate biography, but let traces of biography speak while the process of creating. We are not seeking for rational memorial autobiography, but the sensitive, somatical biography, that is stored in the neurological and muscular memories. It makes the person the way she acts, thinks, moves, perceives and enters the world: the physical biography of the person that has led him or her to the present self - an automatically happening biography, the writing of biography through the moving author, the self, the „auto"."

A collaborative dance-performance with and by:

Barbara Földesi (AT)
Lisa Stewart (AU)
Ivaylo Dimitrov (BG)
Plamena Pencheva (BG)

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DREAM US - Laura Witzleben

LW project 1      LW project 2

“How are we affected, forced, controlled, suppressed and led by others? This is a very interesting question which we all ask ourselves at times. To what extent are we independent in our lives? Do we not make most of our decisions and actions according to certain unspoken laws and rules in order to fit in, to be accepted and because we take it as a given fact that "this is how one should behave”? In my eyes this whole establishment of a society dictating our lives results in an incredible loneliness of the individual while being in a group. Which actually seems to be a contradiction in itself: How can you feel lonely if you arrange your life according to others’ judgement, to become part of their world?! Loneliness amongst others is a major theme of the project.”

In collaboration with Petia Mukova, Philip Milanov and Cveta Doycheva


 Zornitsa Stoyanova

Zornitsa Stoyanova is a performance artist, curator, writer, lighting and video designer based in Philadelphia, PA. A native of Bulgaria, she holds B.A. in Dance and Sound Design from Bennington College, VT. After concluding her studies, she moved to Philadelphia, PA where she started creating, producing and presenting performing art and video under the name Here[begin] Dance.
During her residency in Derida Dance Center she did a workshop with Dance PORT Derida participants and filmed part of the results on Vitosha mountain.


Interno 5/Collettivo Nada

„Individuals, with their bodies, tell stories and lives which model their movement and the actions which they carry out in their daily lives - a baggage of experiences, emotions, and relationships which inescapably shape their physicality. Thus we have a corporality which becomes synonym of beauty, no longer general (or better - generalist) but pertinent and specific to the individual, different from person to person just like a fingerprint.“

 IMG 1815


Andrea Hackl - WILD HORSE RUN


[from Latin cor: "heart"]

- the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.
- strength in the face of pain or grief.

- the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, pain; bravery
- mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficult
concept / choreography: Andrea Hackl
music: Ivan Shopov [Balkansky / Cooh]

Andrea Hackl 4


Derida Dance Center Residency Program 2016 is being realized with the support of "Culture" Program of Sofia Municipality

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