Rivers of Europe Project

Rivers of Europe

The project “Rivers of Europe” is being completed by cultural organizations from 8 different European countries. It is financed by Culture Program 2007 – 2013 of the European Commission. The project includes the creation of a multi-genre performance in the field of contemporary dance, visual arts and music that will explore the role of the European rivers in the cultural and historical development of the Old continent.


Derida Dance Center is the project partner responsible for the production of the contemporary dance part of the performance that will be presented on a ship and on dry land in 30 European cities, 11 countries in September and October 2014.In the fall and winter of 2013 the choreographer of Derida Dance - Jivko Jeliazkov - led contemporary dance workshops in Warsaw, Budapest, Cologne and Novi Sad. As a result of these he selected performers from Germany, Poland, Italy and Bulgaria who will be the key participants of the dance part of the performance. 

The project’s aim is to deeply explore the role of the European rivers not only as geographical objects marking borders between the states but also as unifying natural and cultural points which make European citizens closer to each other thus promoting tolerance.

Official site of the project: http://riversofeurope.org/

Derida Dance partners in the project are:

Pro Progressione – Hungary


Festival Meteorit – Slovakia


IP Tanz – Germany


Rabold – Austria



Robert Schuman Polish Foundation


Theater Space – Netherlands


Students Cultural Center – Serbia. Novi Sad


The project is  supported by the "Culture 2007-2013" program of the European Comission.

The project is co-financed by the “Culture” Program of Sofia Municipality for 2014 and is being realized in support of the candidature of Sofia and the Southwest Region for European Capital of Culture 2019.