CO-LABOR Project - Resume

During the months September – December 2013 Derida Dance Center completed the CO-LABOR project in the field of contemporary dance. Within the frames of the project we hosted five residencies of choreographers from various European countries. Each of them had the opportunity to work on their individual project in the course of three weeks using free space, technical and artistic support by a composer and a video artist. Additional to this, each of the choreographers led a one-week workshop with young Bulgarian dancers under the topic “Share”. Thus they shared part of their experience and presented new approaches for realization of dance ideas and concepts.

Project team:

Project manager:
Atanas Maev
Artistic supervisor:
Jivko Jeliazkov
Jeni Petrova
Video artist:
Polina Stoyanova (Jo Iyaa)
Ivan Shopov (Cooh, Balkansky)

Резидентска програма CO-LABOR


•    Norman Douglas (Scotland)

After graduating London Contemporary Dance School “The Place” Norman’s carrier consists of participation in more than 40 performances, authorship of over 20 shows – from fashion shows to film choreography. He works as a dancer, choreographer, teacher, artistic director, producer and consultant to several international contemporary dance festivals like The Edinburgh International Festival. Within the frames of the CO-LABOR project Norman completed his performance “What Must Be Said” based on a poem by Gunter Grass.
„I really do not think that you can do any more than you did; at no time did I think to myself these people should be doing more to me. What I did think was, what can I do to say thank you to all the people at Derida Dance Center for all the love and laughter that surrounded me the whole time I was at the center. I will never forget it. “  Norman Douglas

•    Maurizio, Sara and Jessica from Compagnia Colaps (Italy)

The artists from Compagnia Colaps, Italy focus their attention on the means of dance theatre. They come from Torino where they studied Performing Arts. The three of them participated in various productions as dance actors and in 2010 decided to join their efforts in order to make ideas into reality. In Derida Dance Center they worked on a dance theatre project called Medea. The performance is interesting and original interpretation of the myth of Medea. “In this project we tell about the connection that each person has with what seems like their own body, but in reality is foreign and when it becomes useless it is usually thrown away.” shared Maurizio.
„Everything was perfect about the organization of the practical matters, even when we ask for change of program or help about our artistic process. The artistic program was perfect. A real support to a creative process. The communication was clear and fast, solving every problem that we had.” Compagnia Colaps

•    Luc Reboullet (France)

Luc has gone through various types of training in the field of contemporary dance, the art of circus, pantomime and theater. These are four disciplines that support his artistic search on the stage:  precise physical reality related to deep meaning. Luc’s experience includes his participation in a few French companies where he does physical, political and dance theatre. On the stage he experiments with explosive energy, partnership, motion as meaning, release technique and improvisation. During the CO-LABOR project he worked on and showed his performance Weak End. It goes into a hunt for the power that makes human beings aggressive to a level of destruction.
“The fact that many residents are working in the same time is a great opportunity to
exchange and meet new artists. Also it creates a powerful and inspiring atmosphere… The group of students was amazingly dynamic and committed to work, full of joy and
questions. I had a great time with them!” Luc Reboullet

•    Hygin Delimat and Martina Lorenc (Poland)

Hygin Delimat and Martina Lorenc have quite an innovative approach to contemporary dance that is related to yoga practice and the somatic aspects of development of locomotive skills. Martina participates in research which connects dance with neuroscience and therapy. This makes her work a symbiosis between art and science. In spite of his young age, Hygin has done the choreography for five performances that have been presented at various international festivals. The performance Hygin and Martina did as part of the CO-LABOR project is called “Concrete” and shows the limitation of the socialistic reality for human spirit and body.
“During our residency DDC members were involved in several artistic projects and yet had time to calmly lead us through all matters. They answered all our questions and supported our creation in respectful and generous way. We are very thankful for the possibility and we have great respect to efforts DDC makes to nourish contemporary dance scene in Bulgaria with various influences by inviting international residents.” Hygin Delimat and Martina Lorenc

•    Malgorzata Pianowska (Poland)

Dance and sports were introduced to Malgorzata’s life when she was a child and since then she has done aikido, capoeira, yoga, pilates, contemporary dance, climbing and others. This allows her to develop good skills and inspires her imagination. Her focus of attention become improvisation and contact improvisation. On the stage she looks for the connection between motion and emotion, concept and unfolding space. Within the CO-LABOR project Malgorzata worked on a dance performance called The Tribute To The Art Of Being Survivor. In this solo work she plays with the limitations that social roles impose on us based on our gender, sexuality and strong emotions.
    “I think that studio has a great potential and was a great time for me to be there and use it, and develop there and learn and teach and share my ideas….” Malgorzata Pianowska

The CO-LABOR project was funded by Sofia Municipality’s Culture Program 2013 as part of Sofia application for European Capital of Culture 2019. It was additionally supported by America for Bulgaria Foundation. The project is part of Derida Dance Center strategy for supporting the development of contemporary dance in Bulgaria through its residency program. Moreover, the project contributed to the establishment of Sofia as a destination of active international interaction.