The Polish beatboxer Patryk Matela about the Rivers of Europe project


The project “Rivers of Europe” is being completed by cultural organizations from 8 different European countries. It is financed by Culture Program 2007 – 2013 of the European Commission. The project includes the creation of a multi-genre performance in the field of contemporary dance, visual arts and music that explores the role of the European rivers in the cultural and historical development of the Old continent.

Derida Dance Center is the project partner responsible for the production of the contemporary dance part of the performance that will be presented on a ship and on dry land in 31 European cities, 11 countries in August and September 2014.

Patryk Matela is a polish beat boxer, graphic designer, and videographer. He’s better known with his nickname – TikTak. He is dedicated to good music and visual arts. He mainly specializes in static 2d design for print and  Flash and After Effects animations.






In the beginning of the project it wasn’t planned for the musicians to rehearse with the dancers. Are you happy with the change in the plan?

I’m very glad that we can rehearse with the dancers. It enables us to know the dancers moves and it helps us to synchronize with what is going on. I hope the music is also helping the dancers.  We work a lot with Jivko. He tells us what his idea is and what he would like to do, so we focus on that.

Isn’t it difficult to create music around a dance piece?
As long as both dance and music are connected with rhythm, I think it’s quite good to work both ways around. Even if it’s not, with the contemporary music and contemporary dance you can still achieve this effect of synergy. 

How does the project change you? Does it contribute for your artistic development?
Apart from being a musician, I’m a graphic designer. Speaking to so many different people about their ideas, how to do their stuff really helps me as an artist and gives me inspiration. We constantly exchange ideas. There is an intense communication process between the video department, the dancers and us as musicians. It also provokes a dialogue inside me. Also it’s our first time in Sofia and that’s an additional bonus. People are great. I don’t understand Cyrillic, but the rest is fine.

How do you see the project “Rivers of Europe”? What is the river for you?
I like the idea of Rivers of Europe. Rivers can connect, they can divide, they can be borders and they are a way of transportation. So they are an inspiration. They have so many qualities, as the project combines so different arts.

Interview by Tzvetina Vesselinova


More about the Rivers of Europe Project you can find at http://www.riversofeurope.org/

The project is  supported by the "Culture 2007-2013" program of the European Comission.



 The project is co-financed by the “Culture” Program of Sofia Municipality for 2014 and is being realized in support of the candidature of Sofia and the Southwest Region for European Capital of Culture 2019.