Others about us

Here is what our partners, clients, residents and friends share about their experience in Derida Dance Center.


“Derida Dance Center is a great partner – warm, loyal and always ready to help! I hope for future collaborations!”

Kalina Wagenstein, Art Office Foundation

“Thank you, Derida Dance Center – for your professional attitude and for the movement – in the work and searching for solutions and in your aspiration to move forward together! The team is awesome and very supportive!...”

Ekaterina Marinova, a journalist
Plamen Lyubenov , a dancer

“This place is an oasis in Sofia. Here a man feels incredibly good. I haven’t found a better place for dance. Good luck and keep up the good work!”

Andrey – a dancer in  our Irish dance course

“I had a great time during my residency here – it was very inspiring to get to know this city, to meet amazing people and work with creative and genuine artists for my own project here in Derida. I’m very thankful to you for inviting me here and for being so welcoming and helpful during my stay.
I wish you to grow as an art centre and to have many more wonderful projects hаppening here.
Thank you!  "     

Elena Jacinta, a choreographer from Latvia

“I’m extremely pleased with the fact that a community is being developed here. Institutions are alive only under this condition – the relations, meetings, art, discussions and skill development – this is all valuable and I hope it goes for long and ever more densely.
I have no idea how contemporary art can be described but instead of being described, it’s much better just to be created. One of the places is this center - a center of attraction.”

Vasil, a Sofia University teacher