Резиденции 2014


Matthew Rogers - Fluid Culture Body

In May 2014 Derida Dance Center hosts the American choreographer Matthew Rogers who worked on his project Fluid Culture Body. This is a process of cultural research into what dance and movement can offer the contemporary individual. It was conceived as a method for American dancer, Matthew Rogers, to find a supportive and constructive role among peers in the Czech and Slovak dance community.

During the Fluid Culture Body process Matthew will visit many cities to facilitate a group research to uncover movement that speaks from the bodies of the participants. Matthew will select from these uncovered movements material to learn and carry into a solo choreographic design. The studio work began in March 2014 in Zilina, Slovakia and continues at Derida Dance Center in Sofia, Bratislava, Banska Bystrica, Praha, Ceske Budejovice.




 Danielis pic

Tomas Danielis - Tristan and Isolde


The Slovak choreographer and dancer Tomas Danielis has authored more than fifteen performances in the field of contemporary dance and dance theater. Through the years he has received prestigious awards from Polish and Austrian competitions and festivals. In 2005 he was nominated for the Best Contemporary Dancer Award in Slovakia. From 2007 till 2009 Tomas works as an artistic director of the International Festival For Contemporary Dance in Graz, Austria.

In June 2014 he works on his project Tristan and Isolde in the space of Derida Dance Center. Tomas has very interesting and unusual approach to contemporary dance. He sees the dancers’ bodies as objects that take part in the creation of the visual environment just as lights and stage setting.




 Mihaela Griveva

In July 2014 Derida Dance Center hosted Mihaela Griveva's artistic residency. She is a gradiate of The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance.In the past few years she has been fortunate to learn from some of the most influential artists in the contemporary dance world. Encounters with Ohad Naharin, Martin Kilvadi, Keren Rosenberg, Russel Maliphant and David Zambrano have expanded her ability, curiosity and desire to create.

In Derida Dance Center Mihaela worked with her colleague Vladimir Gruev. Their project is focused on the exploration of the way we take in order to connect to the people around us. "Where do differences end and the dialogue starts?" is the question whose answers the two dancers and choreographers find through the means of imagination and the pleasure from dance. Mihaela and Vladimir create an environment in which reactions, collisions and synchronism are explored in search of common ground.




Sidra Balloons      SBDNY 2013.2


Sidra Bell

In August and beginning of September Sidra Bell –  artistic director of one of the most prominent contemporary dance companies in the U.S. called Sidra Bell Dance New York (SBDNY) was in Bulgaria for a three-week project with Derida Dance Center.

She worked with participants from Derida Dance Center’s educational and training program Dance PORT Derida supported by America for Bulgaria Foundation. She will use her methodology Contemporary Systems: an interior & material approach to movement. The result of their work was presented at One Dance Week festival. For the young Bulgarian dancers it is a unique opportunity to be able to collaborate with a renowned artistic director like Sidra Bell as her company is on the forefront of engaging and cultivating the next generation of artists.

Details about Sidra Bell and an interview with her: http://www.derida-dance.com/qs/en/the-bulgarian-contemporary-dance-center/past-events/359-artistichniyat-direktor-i-horeograf-sidra-bel-gostuva-na-derida-dance-center-v-ramkite-na-trisedmichen-proekt-s-balgarski-tantzyoori





Elena Jacinta

Elena Jacinta is an independent choreographer and performer from Latvia. She studied dance at Birkbeck, University of London and received an MRes in choreography and performance at the University of Roehampton, London. As a dancer she performed extensively in Europe while working with choreographers such as Subathra Subramaniam (UK), Sioned Huws (UK), Favela Vera Ortiz (Finland) among others. Her own works have been presented at various festivals including Edinburgh Fringe (2011), Resolution! (2013 and 2014) at The Place, London and Time to Dance festival (2014) in Riga, Latvia.

In Derida Dance Center Elena worked on her author project called TONGUE. It explores the connection between human body and the verbal language: it looks at our spontaneous bodily responses to the specific verbal scores and at the way words can be translated into movement and the other way round. It also looks at our bodily reactions to the language we speak or hear, whether we understand it or not.

More about Elena's work: www.elenajacinta.com.




Iskren Petkov


Iskren Petkov - "Relay of Passions"

In October 2014 Iskren Petkov did his residency in Derida Dance Center. Iskren is a young artist who graduated NATFA (National Academy for Theater and Film Arts) in Bulgaria and has a degree in dance theatre. In Derida Dance center he worked on his project “Relay of Passions”.
„Relay of Passions” is a multi-genre dance performance that explores the image of the woman from different ethno-cultural groups as a subject in urban environment. The participants are Kapka Dimova, who represents the African-American image and Mihaela Martin, who represents the Arab image. The project uses texts that give additional information about the personalities and needs of the characters. The detailed exploration of the theme aims at raising social issues related to the recent refugee wave.
The project is supported by "Debut Programme" of Bulgarian Ministry of Culture as well as "Culture" Program of Sofia Municipality.

More about Iskren Petkov and his work you can see at: http://tanzforumsofia.blogspot.com/

built for collapse2


Studio for documentary theater VOX POPULI in cooperation with Built For Collapse - Laboratory for performative techniques


Studio for documentary theater VOX POPULI and New York theater company Built For Collapse complete the second phase of their cooperation during VOX POPULI residency in Derida Dance Center.

Visual story-telling and physical theater - the director and co-founder of Built For Collapse - SANAZ GHAJARRAHIMI intorduces the participants in performative techniques for content generation that the company uses. Physical performance is explored through bio-energetics: weight, dynamics (rhythm), texture, shape and space. This is coupled with the fundamentals of visual storytelling: color, composition, contrast and content.