ProBiotic for the contemporay dance in Bulgaria


Probiotik for the contemporary dance in Bulgaria
Training Programme for Professional Dancers
Developed by Derida Dance
Funded by Foundation America for Bulgaria





Duration: September 2010 – September 2011
Place: Derida Dance Center – the FIRST center for contemporary dance and training in Sofia.

Programme Goals:
1. Improvement of the professional qualifications and the competitive advantages of the artists in the field.
2. Creation of network of new contacts and future cooperation among the participants.
3. Development of a dance performance showing the achievements of the participants who accomplished the best results during the traning.

The target group of The Programme “Probiotik for the contemporary dance in Bulgaria”
Are the professional dancers. All of them have the chance to attend the classes that the center will organize daily. The participants will have also the opportunity to work with teachers from different courses (hip hop, karate, kapoyera, etc.) which have influenced several trends in the contemporary dance. Workshops and discussions will take place. Depending on the individual desires every participant will have the opportunity to join the programme in one of the modules:

Module 1 –
This module grants you access only to the classes in the programme which will take place every morning from Monday to Friday (in the working days). The training goal is to improve the physical condition and the abilities for movement in space.

Module 2 –
Module 2 grants you access to the training as well as participation right to the organized workshops after the it.
Once in every two months the results of the held training will be presented and discussed with the participants in this module in open door presentations in Derida Dance Center. In this programme will take part and guest foreign choreographers. These choreographers will lead workshops and discussions where they can share their experience in creating and promoting of dance products.
At the last stage of the programme the participants who achieved the highest results will be invited to take part in the development of a dance performance as a result of the held training. The rehearsals will be held in the last three months of the programme in Derida Dance Center. The participants will be paid a salary during the whole working period. The first performance will take place in the last month. After completing the programme Derida Dance Center will continue circulating the developed art product.

Anyone interested in joining the programme Module 1 or 2 should submit an application form and send a recent CV to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
When the groups are full the joining of Module 1 and 2 will be limited.