“As we move” - dance workshop by Svetlin Velchev

workshop-svetlin-derida From 24 to 29 July in Derida Dance Center will be held an workshop by one of the most talented young Bulgarian choreographers Svetlin Velchev, who since 2006 lives in the Netherlands.

“As we move” is a dance atelier, which deals with principals, exploit creativity and develop skills. The main goal is to upgrade the dancers on a higher technical level, intrigue emotional intelligence and evoke awareness how to facilitate fluid movement. We will look at the body as an internal combustion engine and explore how to use it as a tool to communicate and express. The participants will focus their work on flexibility, articulation and soft approach to dance. The technique warm-up exercises are based on release floor work; the sequences are dynamic and are elaborating with the spine, the feet and the pelvis. Going trough different motion phases in time and space, we will build up choreography material, which will be shown on a final presentation. Important components, which we will acknowledge as we move, are the weight and the breath. We will also establish fine tune with the actions: push, pull, reach, twist, swing, fold and press in order to affirm those in our movement vocabulary and apply to move bigger and wider. Our aim will be to break the parasite muscular patterns, searching to move in different coordination, to broaden up our mind frame and overcome our understanding for movement and possibilities of the body. Therefore expand our physical culture and capabilities.

About Svetlin Velchev:

2006-2011 Graduated in Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy , Netherlands (departmen for choreography)
1998-2004 National School for dance arts , Sofia (department for classical ballet)
1999-2001                  Dance Lab Elea - co founder together with Elessaveta Yordanova
2001-2004              National Opera and Ballet- Sofia
2004-2006              Take parts in projects and workshops of Nuncio Verdenerro - Switzerland; Marco Cantalupo- dance company Linga- Switzerland; Dance Company Alias - Switzerland; Cie Phillipe Saire - Switzerland; Fabrica Europa– Italy; Yoshiko Chuma and Mark Taylor; Amfidromo - Nicosia, Cyprus
2006 - 2007              National Music Theatre in Sofia, Bulgaria

Additional information about Svetlin Velchev you can find on  http://www.svetlinvelchev.com




24 July 2012
14:00- 18:00 Workshop Dance PORT Derida
25 July 2012
15:00- 18:00 Workshop Dance PORT Derida
25 July 2012 19:10-20:40 Beginners DPD + външни хора
26 July 2012
14:00- 18:00 Workshop Dance PORT Derida
27 July 2012
15:00- 18:00 Workshop Dance PORT Derida
27 July 2012 19:10-20:40 Intermediate DPD + external participants
28 July 2012
11:00- 15:00 Workshop only external participants
29 July 2012
11:00-15:00 Workshop only external participants




For participants in the educational and training program Dance PORT Derida the workshop is free of charge.

For external participants in the days Monday and Wednesday: 8 lev for a single training. Valid cards are issued by the contemporary dance Derida Dance Center

Price for Saturday and Sunday schedule (8 Hrs total): 49 lvLogo America for Bulgaria

Price for Saturday  and  Sunday Workshop + the classes in  Wednesday and Friday: 55 lv

The workshop in the frame of Dance PORT Derida is supported by the Foundation "America for Bulgaria".