Directions - Contemporary dance workshop by Svetlin Velchev

30,31 March, 01 April 2011

The workshop is divided in two parts- Training and Research.

We will start in the first half of the day with the training part which is based on floor work, release warm-up and Cunningham combinations to achieve strength, coordination, softness in the body and develop sense for different dynamics and diverse qualities of motion.  The class is as well focused on improving orientation in three dimensional space.

In the research part we will engage the body and the mind with trying to integrate equal importance of all body parts through exploring our personal natural preferences. We will be busy with generating movements involving strong articulation and extreme polarities/states of the body. We will be discussing on other hand what is abstract dance and what is narrative dance. How a dance can be literal or metaphoric. Is necessary for dance to express certain meaning or it is just an emotional experience we provide to the spectator. Is it important for dance to become easily approaching and understandable for the audience- especially speaking of the ones out of the professional field- the observers who has nothing to do with dance

For Svetlin Velchev
1998-2004 Graduated in The National School of Dance Art – Sofia, Bulgaria
Department - Classical Ballet
2009-2011 Study  in Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy - Netherlands (Department - Choreography)
1999-2001 Dance Lab Elea - co-founder with Elissaveta Yordanova
2001-2004 The National Opera and Ballet – Sofia, Bulgaria
2004-2006 Being a freelancer, visited several workshops and exchange with Nuncio Verdenerro - Switzerland; Marco Cantalupo Linga dance company -Switzerland; Guillerme Bothello Alias dance company -Switzerland;
2006-2007 The National Musical Theatre– Sofia, Bulgaria

In the end of the workshop we should have a short extract of a piece with title, specific meaning and strong context of what do we like to share to the world, which is followed by an open presentation.

All the applicats should send a short CV to email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Fee for participation in the workshop: 55lv. (for participants in "Probiotic for the contemporary dance in Bulgaria" this fee is covered by the project)
The event was initiated and supported by the Rossitsa Jong-Dikidjieva, which coordinates the organizational process of the workshop.

america_bulgaria_foundation"Probiotic for the Contemporary dance in Bulgaria"
is realized with the financial support of the  America for Bulgaria Foundation.