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"Versuchperson Silke Grabinger" in Bulgaria - a contemporary dance performance, part of AEROWAVES - Dance Across Europe

Silke Grabinger poster

On May 18th 2015 at 7 pm at New Theatre – NDK in Sofia you can see the performance “Versuchperson Silke Grabinger” that would be presented in Bulgaria within the frames of the 8th International Contemporary Dance Festival “Antistatic”.
Silke Grabinger is a dancer and choreographer. She is a woman. She is a former breakdancer and danced at Cirque du Soleil.What are the projections on her person, which issues do choreographers tie her together with and what does she make out of it? That’s what Silke wants to find out by asking internationally renowned choreographers to create 10 minutes performance for her. Already three runs and 11 choreographies, she initiated within this project, inviting choreographers to think about, what they want to try out with an experimental subject. Therefore, she puts everything of herself at disposal: her movement, her biography and her fondness of experimenting.
What’s special about the project: none of them knew what the others were working on. And in the end, none of them knew, who was the tested person: was it Silke as a dancer, was it the choreographer and his/her projection on the dancer or were it the people sitting in the audience?

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Derida Dance performance Monocrossing celebrates The International Dance Day on Pernik stage


On the day when the dancing world celebrates its professional holiday – April 29th (the international day of dance) the people of Pernik will have a chance to see the multimedia dance performance Monocrossing in the Palace of Culture.
The original performance is a co-production between the Bulgarian dance company Derida Dance and Central Europe Dance Theater, Budapest and was supported by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture. The performance represents one of the most dynamically developing arts in the world nowadays – contemporary dance. The event is a collaborative initiative of Pernik Municipality, Derida Dance Center – Sofia, and the municipal theater “B.Danovski” – Pernik. It is realized with the financial support of Cultural Innovations Fund.

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Mocapton Monologues


Choreographer Agata Maszkiewicz and digital artist Albena Baeva spent a month-long residency working together in Athens. During the research process Albena presented to Agata Runabout Project’s invention, the Mocapton. This is a motion-capture costume designed as a musical instrument for interactive dance performances.

 For almost a month Mocapton was the center of their attention and became a modus vivendi of their artistic cooperation.  The decision to focus on the costume itself determined the logic of the process. Daily routines, activities, order of experiments were designed by the Mocapton’s ‘needs and moods’.  The idea was to first understand the system, its potential and eventual limits, before filling it with new projections, ideas and functions.

Mocapton Monologues is a presentation of that research. The presentation includes screening of The Invisible Partner, a video documentary about the Mocapton, a short presentation - performance and a Q&A session. This is a collection of impressions from the research residency, a serie of different points of view. It is not a performance in its classical form. It is an answer to an impossible task of describing what happen in a one-month residency period between two artists in Athens.

Derida Dance Center is the Bulgarian partner in the project Identity. Move!

The project IDENTITY.MOVE! is being realized with the financial support of Culture Programme 2007 - 2013 of The European Union.




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