Residency of Tonia Zikou (Athens, Greece)

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Tonia Zikou is a resident in Derida Dance Center. She is working on the project "Create a limists" and she will present her residency on Saturday, 6th July, in Derida Dance Center, at 20:00 h.


Create limits

Tonia Zikou: "The project “Create limits” is based on how limits can help us become more creative and finally set us free.  When we are dancing limits are already there, in the space, in time, in energy, in our own body and we are using them even though we do that unconsciously.  What I am trying to find out is what happens when we are consciously using that limits, when that limits become the goal. Is everything going to change, our movement or our sense of space and time? I t will open up our minds or it will make us feel a little bit limited?  
 I was working on that project for two months but as a choreographer, so I am very excited and curios at the same time to start doing my research as a performer that time.  So far I could say that just the thought of using limits, limits that I am using anyway, it is a huge inspiration, it gives me a range of possibilities and broaden my imagination."

Tonia Zikou was born in Athens, in 1986. She graduated from the Higher School of Dance ‘’Morianova – Trasta ‘’ in Athens and from the University of Piraeus in the Economy Science. As a performer she has worked with Eleni Pantazatou in the play 3Tbodies in the Art Festival of Deree2013, in Athens. She has also participated in the play ‘’Narkissos’’  in Athens & Epidaurus Festival and in the City to City Cabaret with Seke Chimutengwende. She has worked twice with the director Patrick Morris (co-founder of the Menagerie Theatre Company), the playwright Elena Pega and the Swiss performer Steffi Mueller in the project “Superheroes”, in the Artistic Residency Center-Kinitiras Studio. She has taken technical and contact improvisation seminars with Sita Ostheimer & Edouard ( HOFESH SHECHTER COMPANY), Linda Kapetanea & Jozef Fruček (RootlessRoot), Xara Kotsali, Bruno Caverna (16th International Dance Festival of Kalamata), Seke Chimutengwende, Xaris Mantafounis, Grigoris Gaitanaros, Kostantina Eythimiadou (Music Village, in Pilio) and with Guy Cools (theory of choreography).