Derida Dance Center Residency Program for 2014 goes on with the choreographer Tomas Danielis


Tomas Danielis portret

Derida Dance Center residency program for 2014 goes on with another international participation – this time we host the choreographer and dancer from Slovakia – Tomas Danielis. 

The Slovak choreographer and dancer Tomas Danielis has authored more than fifteen performances in the field of contemporary dance and dance theater. Through the years he has received prestigious awards from Polish and Austrian competitions and festivals. In 2005 he was nominated for the Best Contemporary Dancer Award in Slovakia. From 2007 till 2009 Tomas works as an artistic director of the International Festival For Contemporary Dance in Graz, Austria.

In June 2014 he works on his project Tristan and Isolde in the space of Derida Dance Center. Tomas has very interesting and unusual approach to contemporary dance. He sees the dancers’ bodies as objects that take part in the creation of the visual environment just as lights and stage setting.