Min Li – the connection between The National Ballet of China and the world famous Batsheva Dance Company

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In October the Chinese choreographer and performer Min Li is in creation of his new performance at Derida Dance Center. Min Li is one of four foreign artists, who were selected for Derida Dance Center Residency Program 2015. He is a talented dancer with rich experience. After studying in the Beijing Dance Academy for 6 years he then joined The National Ballet of China and four years later was accepted in the California Institute of the Arts. During his study, he was invited by Ohad Naharin to join the Israeli Batsheva Dance Company, which he describes as once-in-a-lifetime experience. In 2007 Min joined Scapino Ballet Rotterdam in Holland.

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Min’s residency project focuses on the nowadays impacts - multi-culture, globalization, and internet explanation. It seems as if contemporary culture cares less and less about inner beauty, and more about the appearance. Through his work Min would like to encourage facing the reality before it’s too late.
The project‘s presentation will happen on October 30th in Derida Dance Center.

Also, as the other residency artists, Min Li will share his experience in a one-week workshop with the participants in Dance PORT Derida 2015 – the education and training program created and run by Derida Dance Center and supported by America for Bulgaria Foundation.

Derida Dance Center Residency Program 2015 is supported by Sofia Municipality.
In 2014 the program was recognized by experts of the European Commission in Brussels as best practice for artistic exchange together with other four models.

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