Dance PORT Derida - Classical Ballet

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What’s the aim of the program?


Dance PORT Derida – Classical ballet offers classical ballet classes with a high level of detail: establishing and increasing technical skills, pirouette technique, jumps, lifts, variations to increase the endurance of performers and artistry. Its aim is to give young talented people an opportunity to reach their full potential by giving more individual attention to each participant.


Who can apply?


Dance PORT Derida- Classical ballet is open for everyone between the ages 12- 25 who trains classical ballet actively and practices it semi- professionally or professionally. Candidates under the 18 years old must also provide their parents’ contact information. 

The program is aimed at people who have advanced experience in the field of classical ballet as well as students from the National school of Dance Art who are looking for opportunities to unfold their potential with more individual training. The program gives the opportunity to work in smaller groups of people formed depending on criteria such as age and level of selected participants. Participants will receive individual attention in order to maximize the positive impact of the program on the development of their skills.


What does the program include?


The program includes the established system of exercises:

- Barre work
- Center work
- Pirouette technique
- Small, medium and large allegro
- Pointe shoes technique
- Duet combinations.


Who are the teachers?


The training is led by established professionals in the field of classical ballet as Maria Gezenchova, Yana Marinova, Dilyana Nikiforova and Asen Nakov.


What are the conditions of the programme?


The program is completely free of charge for all participants. The focus will be on regular attendance of classes and the responsibility towards the training process, the teachers and the initiative of the Center.


What is the program’s duration? 


The program will start on 9th June 2017 and will continue 10 months. The classes will take place on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday during the day.


How will the level of participants be determined during the training?


During the period a few presentations are organized to show the results of the training. Participants who do not show progress in the relevant stage of training will lose their right to attend the classes.


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What is going to happen after Dance PORT Derida- Classical ballet?


One of the main objectives of the program is for participants in the training  to have a rich movement culture, creative personality and increased movement knowledge, all prerequisites for active creative engagement and successful future careers.


How to apply?


Everyone who wishes to apply needs to fill the application form before 1st June 2017. The approved candidates will be invited for a selection workshop on 4th June at 10:00 AM. The final selection will be done during the workshop. 


The educational and training program Dance PORT Derida in Classical ballet and Contemporary dance is developed by Derida Dance Center and is realized with the financial support of America for Bulgaria Foundation.