Zen Play in Derida Dance Center in January

Zen 2

On the 28th of January you will have the opportunity to wach  ,, Zen Play” at Derida Dance Center which is one of the most successful productions of Derida Dance company.  

,,Zen Play”  defines a whole new line of Jivko Jeliazkov creative work –  purposeful work with theatrical conditions in combination with his clearly distinguished, strong and intensive dance language.

The performance develops dramaturgical line of the body as field for deformation and experiment. In this story with unexpected end the artists (Filip Milanov , Diana Alexandrova and Marion Darova) have the unusual task to build-up a character into the environment of the performance: they are performing not only the complicated movement variations, but also they have to exist as ,,actors “ using not only the body expression but also the mimics of their faces. This turns into an exciting game which activates the edges of the audience imagination and attention. 

In total symbiosis with the sound environment (created by the composer Ivan Shopov and the choreographer Jivko Jeliazkov) a reality is created, a reality just like a bad dream, full with pauses, unreal moves and grotesque appearance. Sound effect very often resembles a clinical environment, which specifies the act into focused, hypnotical manipulation. It seems as if the audience is placed into a nightmare where the madness and the normal behavior are crossing into a weird metaphor for the construction of the human body. 

,, Zen Play” puts the question for the control, which the human being can use against his own kind. It seems that the idea for controlling the human behavior works as boomerang and goes back to his creator. This line in combination with the unexpected change of the male and the female nature are adding provocative philosophical aspect to the performance.

Being a starting point for the new ways of expression of the choreographer Jivko Jeliazkov , ,,Zen Play “ is a key performance for everyone who wants to understand more deeply his next projects as ,,S Inner “ and ,, Metronom” .

Author: Elena Angelova